wanna organic experience in Japan?

How’s it going everyone??

New guests were coming recently.
They are from Finland;)

Mother and daughter.

Somehow daughter was interested in Japanese language, then this time trip to Japan.

And perhaps she has an opportunity to go to school in this country.

I do wish to see her again:)

Mother, she is sooo organic person.
I know Finland has great natures in abundance.
And she told me it’s quite common there are many kind of natural salon in there.

Of course she always dye her hair with products which is 100% from the earth.

She told me she wish to spread the natural philosophy all over the world.
And l hope we are just in part of it.

Anyway, I’m look forward to see many customers I’m going to see!!

Plz mention this blog upon reservations for a discount of 20% on initial visit;)

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